Round Noon music video

The Western Film genre has always been a source of inspiration for me, depicting the struggle of heroes, villains, and those trapped in between them against the backdrop of rugged, expansionist America. I'm composing an original soundtrack, inspired by classic Western motifs and composed, edited, and art directed this personal project video to prototype to determine how that larger project could work.


#1: Music

I participate in a Music Writing Day, the purpose of which is to write and record 20 original songs in a single day. I wrote and recorded this Western-inspired song in roughly three hours, which I used as source material.


#2: Storyboard

I then dissected the song, converting it's score, instrumentation, themes, and movements into character narrative.

#3: Video

Then I spliced iconic Spaghetti Western films scenes together to create a video inspired by and adhering to my soundtrack's movements, tempo, and instrumentation. The final video borrows from those classic Western motifs: the land, town, hero, villain, love interest, battle, and the inevitable victory over "the bad guy."