UX work examples

Information architecture, wireframes, and prototypes


Sadeem website

Phase 5 site update

As Season 1 of the Sadeem competition wrapped up, the site needed to shift it's focus from the Season 1 finale to intra-season content. The Design, Product, and Business teams defined page and feature priorities so that Design could reshape the site to highlight key content while maintaining an optimal user flow. 


Sadeem information architecture

Sadeem wireframes: defining the key differences between content and user flows on launch day (Day 1) and full content delivery day (Day 14)

Sadeem Dynamic brand hierarchy tree, defining Sadeem's parent and new brand relationships


AJ Plus website

A new website, focused less on a light-weight content experience and more on telling AJ Plus' editorial vision, required a responsive redesign process, starting with Information Architecture and moving onto Wireframes and click-through prototypes for design and stakeholder validation.


Information architecture: mobile (first!)

Wireframes: desktop

Wireframe: click-through prototype